Food labels and food bands for food and non-food use

Food labels and food bands for food and non-food use

On coated or usomano, virgin, FSC, natural or recycled paper 100% printing of labels on thick GC1, GC2 or pure cellulose cardboard , up to a thickness of 680µ, with die-cut and inline fold-paste, multi-page labels digital production ( ©Indigo technology) , offest or flexo up to 9 colors, using eco-friendly inks, on coated or usomano, virgin, natural or 100% recycled papers extra finishing with UV varnish in reserve, varnishes with soft-touch effect, high thickness or embossed printing ( dry or hot foil ) reel-to-reel production for automated plants, with batch of origin management for traceability for food certification purposes ( MOCA, BRC, IFS )
The use of roll-fed or sheet-fed labels is mainly employed for product packaging, in conjunction with paper/cardboard-based packaging or on neutral single- and multi-layer film

Integrated Logistics Services

Breakdown of shipping retail market. Labeling and packaging. Single package packaging for express shipping. Goods storage for scheduled deliveries.

Insured shipping

For dedicated or valuable shipments, the PBP group uses Sogetras.


Use of certified materials for traceability of origin.