Multilayer film for food packaging

Hybrid printing

Multilayer film for food packaging

Multilayer films have evolved in recent decades with the availability of new polymers and processing technologies. Through collaboration with leading European partners in the production of PE, PET and related films, specialization in the construction and management of multi-color printing equipment, we supply multi-layer laminated and single-layer reel films with various types of band and pitch, suitable for containing atmosphere products modified ( ex: SARAN PVDC coating and EVOH barrier ) Coil production for automated plants, with lot of origin management for traceability for food certification purposes ( MOCA, BRC, IFS )
Baked goods, confectionery, fresh food (ATM film, pasteurization and sterilization), salad, pulses, dried fruits and fourth range products, coffee pod holders, food for dogs and cats, personal care, pet care, house cleaning, wipes

Integrated Logistics Services

Breakdown of shipping retail market. Labeling and packaging. Single package packaging for express shipping. Goods storage for scheduled deliveries.

Insured shipping

For dedicated or valuable shipments, the PBP group uses Sogetras.


Use of certified materials for traceability of origin.