Hybrid printing

Hybrid printing

Hybrid printing

No limits are placed on the graphic designer’s imagination and creativity, and the user can discover new areas of application. The hybrid method makes it possible to create extraordinary and versatile inline effects.
Hybrid finishing is an extremely cost-effective, versatile, and highest quality inline finishing process that allows simultaneous access to UV technology. By overcoating hybrid inks with UV varnish, gloss values at least equal to those of purely UV printing are obtained. A full-coverage UV varnish combined with an oil-based matt or granular varnish applied in the offset register makes it possible to create interesting contrasting gloss effects.
Magazine covers, book covers, monographs, art books, product catalogs.

Integrated Logistics Services

Breakdown of shipping retail market. Labeling and packaging. Single package packaging for express shipping. Goods storage for scheduled deliveries.

Insured shipping

For dedicated or valuable shipments, the PBP group uses Sogetras.


Use of certified materials for traceability of origin.