UV coating

UV coating

Glossiness is the optical effect of inferring the roughness or shine of a surface.
In order to give the printed matter a high gloss above 85 points, it is inevitable to resort to UV varnish finishing as the only alternative to screen printing lamination with spot film. The technology of “Inline UV offset varnish” allows the required effect to be achieved in a single pass, becoming very cost-competitive on high print runs. This effect arises from the reflection of light that is scattered from the surface in the form of so-called indicator in almost all directions of space. The diffuse part of reflected light is less intense than the oriented part which is mainly created in the field of the angle of brightness, that is, the angle of emergence of light, positioned symmetrically with respect to the angle of incidence of light.
Magazine covers, book covers, monographs, art books, product catalogs.

Integrated Logistics Services

Breakdown of shipping retail market. Labeling and packaging. Single package packaging for express shipping. Goods storage for scheduled deliveries.

Insured shipping

For dedicated or valuable shipments, the PBP group uses Sogetras.


Use of certified materials for traceability of origin.