Double-sided window decals and stickers

Double-sided window decals and stickers

The PBP group’s experience gained in the Banking sector (with projects carried out in collaboration with Unicredit, Banca ITB, Poste Italiane, Sisal and Nexi), has enabled it to produce in offset, double-sided window decals with UV protective filters and production times reduced by 20 times compared to the traditional screen printing process. The safety of backlight transparency (a defect of most products on the market) is ensured by a barrier film called ©SilverFlat, which reduces the passage of light by up to 99.9% (Class A banking standard)
Storefronts, banking institutions, retail outlets.

Integrated Logistics Services

Breakdown of shipping retail market. Labeling and packaging. Single package packaging for express shipping. Goods storage for scheduled deliveries.

Insured shipping

For dedicated or valuable shipments, the PBP group uses Sogetras.


Use of certified materials for traceability of origin.